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Makeup Remove Oil
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Makeup Remove Oil

Makeup Remove Oil is also one of our common cleansing products. In fact, Makeup Remove Oil has a long history. In ancient times, there was no such thing as makeup remover or makeup remover.

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Product Description

Makeup Remove Oil     

Makeup Remove Oil Introduction

Makeup Remove Oil is also one of our common cleansing products. In fact, Makeup Remove Oil has a long history. In ancient times, there was no such thing as makeup remover or makeup remover. Generally, opera performers or theater performers with farms would use things with oil to remove makeup, such as high lard oil, etc., because oil can fully It dissolves the pigments in the makeup, although the oil is greasy, but its removal effect is better, so it is suitable for thicker makeup. 

For some makeup that is thicker or has strong waterproof ability, you need to use a makeup remover. For example, remove makeup around the eyes, because we use a lot of makeup products when applying eye makeup, such as eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, concealer, etc., and these makeup products are often more waterproof and sweat-proof. 

Another example is lipstick. Lipstick is also a kind of makeup with a relatively dark color, and the durability of lipstick is relatively high. Everyone hopes that the durability of lipstick will be longer than that when applying lipstick, so it needs to be used when removing eye makeup or lipstick. Use a special eye and lip makeup remover or use a makeup remover to remove makeup.

The use of makeup remover oil is different from makeup remover. The use method of makeup remover oil needs to be emulsified, and the skin will feel a little greasy after use, so you need to wipe it with water several times, and then use facial cleanser to help achieve the second cleaning. Many oily-skinned friends or those with oily acne-prone skin will get stuffy after using makeup remover oil. This is because the skin barrier is damaged or the skin is intolerable, so when the oily-acne skinned friends buy makeup remover oil.

Be sure to choose a Makeup Remove Oil that is mild and non-irritating or suitable for sensitive skin. Makeup Remove Oil: The Makeup Remove Oil is based on the principle of oil-soluble oil, which is fused with the makeup oil on the face and emulsified with water, which can completely dissolve the makeup and achieve the purpose of deep cleaning. Makeup Remove Oil: Suitable for any skin, but it may be too greasy for oily skin. If the Makeup Remove Oil is not thoroughly emulsified, it can also cause pores to be blocked.


The difference between the use of makeup remover, makeup remover cream and makeup remover oil:

 1. Saturate the cotton pad with makeup remover, then apply it on the part that needs to be removed, wipe it along the skin texture after a few seconds, repeat several times until the cotton pad is clean, and finally rinse with water.

2. Makeup remover: Keep hands and face dry, take an appropriate amount of makeup remover with fingertips, apply it on the face, and gently tap from the inside to the outside to promote the dissolution of the makeup in the pores, and then use a damp cotton pad to lightlyGently wipe off face makeup and rinse off with water

 3. Makeup Remove Oil: Keep your hands and face dry, then apply the Makeup Remove Oil on your face, pat the skin from bottom to top for 1 minute, then dip in a small amount of water for repeated scrubbing, and finally rinse with water.

Makeup Remove Oil Information

Use:facial cleansing


Brand:Can add your own label


Form: Powder& Gel

Effect:facial cleansing

Single color/multi-color: Single color

Feature:waterproof, sweat-proof,

Certification:MSDS, GMP,FDA

Place of Origin:Zhong Shan

Product Name:Makeup Remove Oil

Colors:Customer specified color

MOQ:500-12000PCS /SKU

Suit for:Common Life Makeup


Payment: T/T

Service: Provide samples,Customized , OEM /ODM Service


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